Tiki Drums restoration service is everything you need to make your drums sparkle again. Whether you need your bearing edges and snare beds re-cut, old vintage gear reassembled or a complete drum overhaul with a new wrap or stain, we can do it all.

Vintage experts

From years of experience in dealing old vintage drums, TIKI knows exactly how classic drums are meant to sound. From Ludwig Super Classic's to 60's Gretsch we have seen and worked on them all. No drum is too old for us.

"My poor Gretsch kit already old at purchase in 1970 was in a sad way. Being in a rock band the tom holders needed better stability and over time degeneration had set in.Preston at TIKI drums has achieved the impossible by making my kit look all new and shiny but keeping the history intact".
- The Big Figure, Dr. Feelgood.

Drum restoration

Drum MOT

Need your drums sounding perfect for that studio session? Drums need to be prepped for tour? Then bring them in for a TIKI M.O.T. All drums are checked, cleaned and re-headed. We will check bearing edges and snare beds and make sure everything is sounding perfect.

Drum restoration


If your drums have some road wear such as tom rash, cracks or old hardware drill holes then we can refinish your drums to as good as new.

Drum restoration

Re wrapping

If you're tired of your current finish then we offer a complete re wrap service with a variety of finishes.

Drum restoration

Cracks & big fixes

Dropping and cracking a shell is a drummers worst nightmare, but don't fear if this has happened to you then we can fix it! We have brought many drums back from the brink of extinction so don't throw away that snare yet!

Drum restoration

Hardware upgrade

There have been some amazing advancements in drum hardware so if you want to upgrade your snare strainer, tom holder or lugs then get in touch. We have a wide range of suppliers and will be able to get almost anything for your drums.

To give your drums the TIKI treatment call us on 07941400106

A drum for life

Since the launch of Tiki Drums in 2008 Tiki Drums has been dedicated to supplying the UK and European drum builder.

Tiki Drums is now building their own high end Custom Snare drums and Drum kits.

We have enjoyed great feedback from our customers and we aim to continue to deliver excellent customer service.

- Preston Prince