Ever wanted to learn how to make a snare drum you can play with pride?

tiki drum building course


Learn about design and proportions. What makes a drum sound the way it does and how can you create the sound you want in your drum.

"Shaping your own drum and getting to choose exactly how you want it to look is an amazing feeling. And what a beauty the result was! Building it from scratch makes you understand sound and how a snare drum works".
- Vicky Osterberg

tiki drum building course


Learn essential skills and trade secrets to create a professional drum.

"The course offers more than just the reward of building a drum. Preston also imparts his understanding of drums and what defines a quality drum; giving insight and knowledge into how size, wood type and bearing edges effect the sound. Which is extremely helpful when looking at future drum purchases."
- Keir Adamson

tiki drum building course


It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or not, you will be guided and supported in creating a drum worthy of all the hard work you've put into it.

"Preston's knowledge and instruction was faultless as he guided us through the steps and "tricks of the trade" to producing a high quality bespoke instrument".
- Neil Sendall

tiki drum building course


Learn traditional techniques to achieve a professional standard.

"I feel more like a complete drummer now I've learnt how to make a snare drum. Everyone should learn to build a drum and there is no better teacher than Preston"
- Trev Kennedy

tiki drum building course

We know what we are doing

With over 15 years teaching experience, Preston Prince will be on hand throughout the course so you will have all the guidance you need. And because the classes are small, you will receive one to one tuition when you need it.

"What the guys from Tiki drums are offering is innovative and fresh, every drummer loves a snare drum and I can promise you that I love the snare drum I made myself even more. This is an opportunity not to be missed".
- Keir Adamson

tiki drum building course


All the tools and parts you need will be provided on the course, you just need to bring your passion for drums and your enthusiasm.

"Fantastic weekend. Super laid back teacher, great knowledge and passionate about his craft. Thanks, I will be back for More!"
- Dermot James

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A drum for life


We have enjoyed great feedback from our customers and we aim to continue to deliver excellent customer service.

- Preston Prince